I seek opportunities to engage with communities that have ideas and want to bring their ideas to life. I work with main streets, business districts, arts organizations, colleges, and local government agencies.

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Let’s Do This!


Parklets. Parking spaces turned into ‘people’ spaces. Using art, greenery, seating, tables and more, parklets spill life into the streets. Studies have shown that parklets increase foot traffic to businesses and increase the number of people stopping and lingering.

Street Makeovers. Overlooked and underused streets can often feel unwelcoming and at times unsafe. We can put our imagination to work and transform underused streets into vibrant places for people and events.

Artistic Crosswalks That Enhance Safety. Artistic crosswalks enhances the visibility of a crosswalk and the people using them. Drivers have become desensitized to the traditional white crosswalks. Drivers will notice bold colors and patterns, ultimately slowing and yielding to pedestrians

Pop-Up Transportation Projects. It’s hard to change the status-quo of our car-centric street design. But pop-up demonstration projects for bike and bus lanes allows people to test and experience a more balanced multi-modal street that works for a variety of users.

Imagination Workshops. Transforming where you live starts with ideas. I offer half-day and full-day workshops to help communities generate new ideas that can be executed quickly to produce quick wins and help build public support for larger transformations.

Public Seating. Let’s talk about public seating and how so many places get this crucial element wrong! So many places either don’t provide adequate, comfortable public seating or none at all. It is a simple gesture that can go far to create an important sense of place

Speaking. Talking about the importance of Doing when it comes to re-designing our communities is something I’m very passionate about. I’ll come prepared with an energizing presentation and engaging presence.

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