Epic Small will help take your community vision from a plan to reality and capitalize on that momentum. People want to see and be a part of creating immediate improvements to where they live. When people are a part of the entire process, from vision to implementation, they become personally invested and fall in love a little more with where they live. There’s a growing movement that’s understanding the value of starting small. #smallmatters!


One little project at a time

Many of the most authentic and enduring destinations in a city, town, or main street, the places that keep bringing people back, were born out of small, locally-based improvements

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It’s the little things.

I help harness the power and potential of small-scale placemaking projects to energize communities, engage citizens and motivate change


Enough Small Talk. Let’s Get Busy.

Ready to start doing? Get in touch! I’m ready for your big ideas. Let’s unleash the power of small!