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I’m Jessie. Working with my community and others to re-invent the places in which we live has become my life passion. I’m persistent, passionate, collaborative, and sarcastic. You need to have some sarcasm in this field because when you tell people what you want to do, they look at you like you’re crazy. In the years that I’ve been spearheading small-scale projects, it’s been eye-opening to learn that doing the right thing, making communities work more for people instead of cars, is going against the ‘status-quo.’ But, for me this work is that important and necessary that I’ll keep fighting the status-quo in order to educate, and change hearts, minds, and outdated policies.

So, ready to go public with your imagination? I work with and collaborate with communities who are ready to make change happen where they live. I work with landscape design firms, main street organizations, business districts, local government agencies, community organizations, and more. Just sent me a note and we’ll chat!

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